Electronic Devices Policy

Valuable items should not be brought to school.  St. Brigid School is not responsible for such items if lost or damaged.  Electronic devices that are distracting to class are also not allowed.

Cameras, iPods, MP3 players, handheld games, and similar items are to be kept in backpacks or lockers during school hours, and if seen will be confiscated by a staff member.

Cell phones are for after-hours use for students involved in after school extra curricular activities.  Cell phones are not to be used in school as each classroom is equipped with a telephone for student calls and emergencies.  They should be kept in the teacher-designated location in the student’s homeroom, and the ringer should be in the “off” position.  Cell phones not in the appropriate location will be confiscated by a staff member.  Picture taking and recording is also prohibited with cell phones.

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