Parent Involvement

Whether you’re volunteering in the classroom or helping your child with homework, you are contributing to our school community in a positive way. Read more about our philosophy of parents as partners.

In addition to the Home and School Association (HSA), there are many ways to participate in your child’s education and help build the St. Brigid community.

We ask that parents volunteer a minimum of 25 hours a year. You will find that we have countless volunteering opportunities for helping with things like hot lunch, morning drop-off/drive-through, office work, fundraising, organizing events, and much more. All of our teachers welcome your help with day-to-day needs as well as special activities.

Our school has a number of associations that support our needs and are a great way to participate in your child’s education in addition to the HSA:

  • Finance Committee: Develops and monitors the school finances and budget
  • Athletic Association
  • Development Committee: Helps solicit, fundraise, write grants and develop activities to ensure the future progress of our school
  • Marketing Committee: Promotes St. Brigid School through all marketing means, including print and radio advertisements as well as an annual Open House
  • Facilities Committee: Meets monthly and works on the planning and work of improving the physical plant and all aspects of facilities repair, replacement and updating the buildings and grounds
  • Harvest Fair Committee
  • Spring Auction Committee

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