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whole schoolMission, Vision & Values

The mission of the Catholic Schools in Maine is to strengthen the Catholic Church and to create an environment in which the faith is preserved, nourished, shaped and communicated to foster values that give meaningful direction to the Christian family and society. This is accomplished through dedication to the growth, development and formation of the student by proclaiming the message, creating community providing service and celebrating worship so that our students will become faith-filled Christians, creative and critical thinkers, life-long learners and confident contributors. 

The mission of St. Brigid School is to fulfill the Christian mandate to teach as Jesus did, by providing a holistic education that integrates the truths and traditions of the Catholic Church with life and learning. In partnership with families and grounded in the mission of the Catholic Church, St. Brigid School is committed to academic excellence that will assist students to realize their unique intellectual, spiritual and physical potential.

Our vision is to pursue excellence in school-wide learning by encouraging the discovery and development of individual talents, by enhancing self-esteem and by promoting the ideals of faith, family, social justice and civic responsibility. St. Brigid School provides learning experiences needed to acquire knowledge and skills required to grow and adapt to the increasingly technological and diverse world in which we live.

As a school community we value, support and pursue a variety of excellences to encourage personal, spiritual growth and a commitment to learning. St. Brigid School is called to be a Catholic school family. In our school, community is a special part of our love for God. When we care for one another, we actively celebrate the mission of our school and church. Our faith community leads us to understand who we are, where we come from and our resultant responsibility. As a community we live, learn, model and share the gifts of ourselves. We pray together, work together, and share joys and sorrows.

We value teaching and exemplifying the beliefs, traditions, and values of the Catholic Church.

We value and provide a learning environment, which encourages critical thinking, cooperative problem solving, creative inquiry, and lively participation.

We value providing a solid academic foundation grounded in the basics and structured for individual learning styles.

We value the development of each person’s God given potential and meeting the needs of each person’s intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual growth.

We value and actively promote parent-school partnerships, which integrate families and our school and reinforce the concept of parents as primary educators.

We value, support and foster a Catholic, Christian Community, which reflects a faith in God, concern for community, and service to humanity.

We value and stress the importance of respect for self, others, and all life forms.

We value the opportunity to learn in a creative, Christian, caring atmosphere.

We value and emphasize positive life skills such as communication, responsibility and organization.

We value and provide ongoing professional and spiritual growth for our staff and the parents of our school.


St. Brigid opened as the consolidated school of St. Pius, St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s Parishes in September of 2007.

StbrigidThe name celebrates the historical legacies of both St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s Schools, originally established during the early nineteenth century. Both schools were founded by the Sisters of Mercy, an Irish order. It is said that St. Patrick blessed and converted St. Brigid. The Sisters of Mercy, just like Brigid of Kildare, aided in comforting those who came to them in Ireland and Portland with a spot o’ tea and a cookie or warm meal. They were a driving force in the conversion of souls in the early nineteenth century, both here and abroad, and remain a powerful force in the work of today’s church in Maine.

The St. Brigid’s cross is a legend told about a conversion she made while wrapping reeds into a cross during the teaching and blessing of a dying man. The cross is a profound symbol for our school. St. Brigid was resourceful as she taught and prayed over this dying soul, who then received the blessings of a conversion and inception into the loving arms of Christ. The legend says she wove a symbol of reeds into the symbol of the cross. This will surely give us direction while we, ourselves, find conversion through prayer and action throughout this great change, as well as a great opportunity in the life of our parish cluster community. They say the center of the St. Brigid cross depicts the eye of God.

It is fitting and beautiful that we have a name which matches our school’s primary heritage. It is our work together that creates a lasting future for all generations of children who come in the same spirit as the Sisters—and loving, faithful parishioners—who established our schools at the turn of the century.

Quick Facts

Grades:  3-year-olds through 8th grade.

Enrollment: 373 Student-Teacher Ratio:

  • 3-Year-Old Program and Pre-Kindergarten – 8:1 maximum
  • K-8 – 25:1 maximum

School Hours:

  • 3-Year-Olds and Pre-Kindergarten – Schedule options vary.
  • Kindergarten – 5th Grade – 8 AM – 2:45 PM
  • 6th – 8th Grade – 7:45 AM – 2:30 PM

Extended Hours:

  • Before Care – 7:00 AM – 7:40 AM
  • After Care – 2:45 PM – 5:30 PM

Admissions:  Year round, based on availability. Contact Mary Ann Russo (MaryAnn.Russo@portlanddiocese.org) for more information.

Directions & Map

Directions from the south:

  1. Take the ramp onto I-95 N (Toll road)
  2. Take exit 47 for Rand Rd/ME-25 toward Westbrook Arterial
  3. Turn right onto ME-25 E/Rand Rd
  4. Turn right onto Brighton Ave
  5. Slight left onto Woodford St
  6. Turn left onto Stevens Ave.  Destination will be on the right

Directions from the north:

  1. Take I-295S
  2. Take exit 6B for U.S. 302/Maine 100/Forest Avenue
  3. Turn right onto US-302 W/Forest Ave
  4. Turn left onto Stevens Ave. Destination will be on the left

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