Uniform Code

Uniforms are used at St. Brigid and other Catholic schools for several reasons. First, they help to foster a sense of order in the classroom. Second, they indicate to students that school is an institution that must be respected, and it is proper to dress respectfully at school. Finally, uniforms help to lessen the impact of the economic disparity present in any school. All students are dressed alike and can concentrate on learning, instead of “who is wearing what.” It is with these very Catholic goals in mind that we developed the uniform code.

This code will be enforced by classroom teachers and staff and it is expected that all students will comply with the rules.

Girl’s uniform generally consists of a plaid jumper/skirt with white shirts. Boy’s uniforms generally consist of navy blue docker-style pants and blue oxford-style shirts with plaid ties. Fun fact: The pattern on our uniforms is called “MacEwan” plaid or tartan.

The H.S.A. and other groups sponsor monthly dress down days. Students are allowed to wear jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirts without offensive or questionable slogans for a dollar. Appropriate dress does not include tank tops or halters. If dress down day occurs on a mass day, students should dress up for mass.

As fads are ever-changing, the appropriateness of casual clothing for dress down day will be determined by the principal. A good rule for students to follow for dress down days is “If you think you shouldn’t wear it, you shouldn’t.” All uniform regulations and guidelines are subject to the discretion of the principal.

1. All students are expected to be in full uniform every day.

2. Students are expected to follow the spirit as well as the letter of the code. In other words, ties must be tied and properly worn, shirts must be tucked in, skirts and jumpers must be of appropriate length.

3. It is the classroom teacher’s responsibility to enforce the uniform policy, and all staff will assist the classroom teachers in this effort.

4. If a student is not in full and proper uniform, appropriate action to address this matter will be taken.

A “uniform day” is scheduled on-site with J.B. Edwards. Their staff are on hand with uniforms for advice and measuring. They may also be purchased at jbedwarduniforms.com.

The purpose of the uniform is to reinforce our Catholic values. The purpose is not to cause undue stress or trouble for families. If there are any unusual circumstances that make complying with the uniform difficult on a certain day, or for a certain period of time, please send in a note with your child. We will understand such situations.

In addition, we do not want the cost of the uniform to be a burden to any family. We have a large number of slightly worn extra uniforms downstairs at St. Brigid’s main building. Please help yourself to any item in our extras area. If even after looking through the extras, the cost is still a burden, please arrange a meeting with the principal. We will work with families to the best of our ability.


Grades K-5 Everyday and Dress Uniform

*Plaid jumper

White long or short sleeved, Peter Pan collar shirt (no polos or Oxfords)

Blue, black or white tights or socks full length (tight fitting at bottom) leggings

Safe, rubber soled shoes or sneakers

Grades 6-8 everyday and dress uniform

*Plaid skirt (kick pleat) – no more than three inches above the top of the knee

White Oxford button down shirt OR

*White school polo shirt must have school name

Navy or black tights or white socks

Pre-K through 8th Grade Option (on days when dress uniform is not required)

From November 1-March 30

Navy Blue Docker-style pants (no cargos, capris or jeans)


Grades K-5 Everyday and Dress Uniform

*Pre-K: Light blue school polo shirt (must be purchased from JB Edwards and must have school name)

K-8: Light blue Oxford button-down shirt, long or short sleeeved

Pre-K through 8th Grade: Navy blue Docker style pants (no cargos or jeans)

*K through 8th Grade: Plaid tie

Grades 6-8 Dress uniform (Friday Mass and special events to be announced)

Light blue Oxford button-down style shirt, long or short sleeved

Navy blue Docker-style pants (no cargos or jeans)

Solid navy tie for grades 6 and 7

Grade 8 may wear any school appropriate tie

Everyday uniform (Same as above dress uniform with the following option

Light blue school polo shirt (must purchased from JB Edwards and must have school name)

Acceptable Classroom Option for all boys (from Sept. 1 – Sept. 30 AND from May 1 – June 30):

Navy blue long dress shorts (no elastic waist shorts—gym or otherwise)

*Must be purchased through J.B. Edwards

Navy blue cardigan, v-neck or crew neck sweater with or without school logo OR navy blue fleece vest or jacket, with or without school logo.


Students will not be allowed to wear sweatshirts as outerwear at St. Brigid with the exception of the gym uniform on gym days.

Please tag your child’s apparel on the label in permanent marker for identification.


Navy or white t-shirt with school name or logo (available from JB Edwards)

Navy shorts (long shorts) with or without school logo

Navy wind or sweat pants

Gray sweatshirt with or without school logo without hood (available from JB Edwards)


The H.S.A. And other groups such as Student Council sponsor monthly dress down days. For one dollar students are allowed to wear jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirts without offensive or questionable slogans. Appropriate dress does NOT include tank tops or halters. If dress down day occurs on a mass day, students should dress up for mass.

 Please be advised that all items in the uniform code can be purchased through JB Edwards, (800) 654-5148. The following items MUST be purchased through JB Edwards: Polo shirts for girls and boys grades 6-8 and plaid ties, girls jumpers and skirts. Plaid items from JC Penney and Lands End are not acceptable parts of the uniform. Other items such as shirts, pants, etc. may be purchased from these companies.

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